Fix Panda Antivirus Pro Error 1


Fix Panda Antivirus Pro Error 1

  • Posted By Admin
  • On 30 Nov 2018

Viruses are searching for a way to come into the Computer. People dealing with online platforms and un-intentionally allow hackers to peep into the personal data. Antivirus grant users some features to secure their data from the threats. Antivirus protects the computer from the virus attack and also alerts the customer about the same.

Panda antivirus is the lead one in the list of computer protector for users. This program secures the system and also helps in managing the account. But there are some issues which are faced by the user when they have an antivirus. And error 1 is the common error among all which creates some issues in the computer after having an antivirus.

When the same error comes, the system got crashed and all the active programs stop in the window. Sometimes in error 1, user see the “IM_e_tcp_error” displayed on the screen. The screen starts react abnormal and did not respond to the Mouse and Keyboard commands.

There are so many reasons due to which window shows this error. This blog is here mentioning those reasons which create the troubled situation:

  • Panda Antivirus Pro Program does not install completely
  • Some corrupted file got installed into the device
  • If the virus downloaded into the computer with the window registry
  • Malwares attacks the computer intentionally and delete some important Panda Antivirus files.

Well, these all are the reasons due to which customer face the problem but besides these mentioned reasons, there are so many other problems which creates this issue. Sometime user gets the error but they could not have any idea or reason about it.

Users have to fix the Panda Antivirus Pro Error 1 with the help of any expert technicians. But before going to another person, the customer should try with their own. So with the help of this blog, the user will get the steps for the process.

  • The user should find and resolve the registry Entries which are associated with the error 1
  • Also, they should conduct a full malware scan for the computer
  • The customer should clean the junk from the computer via the Disk Clean-up process
  • Timely update the PC device drivers
  • Once try by uninstalling the program and again re-install it
  • The user should also run Window System File Checker “sfc/scannow”
  • Keep the device up to date with possible updates
  • And then clean the window computer before using it

These are some ways by which user should create a safe zone around their computer and do not get the same error 1 again. If the customer still very confused about the solution or did not understand the process then they should take help from the experts. An expert will teach them about the process and also remove any other mistake for the computer.